The Edge of The Orchard SOLD

* Original Artwork, At present in Skyeworks Gallery Portree

* Size 75cm x 75 cm
* On a deep edge box style canvas. Can be hung unframed, fittings supplied.
* Includes UK postage if you live outside the UK please contact me first before purchasing for a shipping quote.



Roe deer are found throughout Scotland. These shy creatures live in the largest range of habitats of any deer in Scotland, from cities to the moorland edges in the Highlands. They are very selective feeders and can be seen feeding in sheltered shrubby areas and will browse on leaves, fruit and fungi. My little deer are grazing the grassy edge of the apple orchard. Roe deer may be seen in the early morning or evening and my piece has a patchwork blanket of dusk behind the deer which glistens with silver. Created using my collage and paint techniques using paper paint and inks.

Just For You...

As an artist I welcome bespoke commissions. So if you have a special project in mind, please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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