tumbling thistles (SOLD)


Scottish thistle mixed media artwork original. The Scottish Thistle – bold and resilient, The Scottish Thistle is the nations ‘National Flower’ and is probably one of the most well-known, and easily recognized symbols of Scotland. Scotland is home to not just one, but several varieties of thistle, some native and others exotic, and no one is quite sure which is the true symbol of Scotland. Is it the Spear or Musk Thistle? Or perhaps the melancholy Thistle or Our Lady’s Thistle? And what about the Cotton Thistle? Spear thistles are attractive to birds like Goldfinches and the flowers are a nectar source for butterflies. Whatever the variety I love them all and they are a consistent theme in my artwork. The piece is presented on a box style canvas and created in my studio on the Isle of Skye. Made using paper, paint gold leaf and upcycled materials. It uses collage and painting techniques.

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As an artist I welcome bespoke commissions. So if you have a special project in mind, please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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